Keziah Weir

Keziah Weir

2024 PFWA

The Mythmakers is a New York Times Editor’s Choice

In The Mythmakers, a young journalist discovers a short story that is inexplicably about her, leading her to insinuate herself into the life of the author’s widow and daughter, with shocking results. This debut novel raises important questions about memory and truth and who really owns a narrative. The book is New York Times Editor’s Choice and a Harper’s Bazaar and Boston Globe Best Book of 2023. Weir grew up in San Francisco and British Columbia and is a graduate of Bard College. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Elle, and Esquire. She is a Senior Editor at Vanity Fair magazine and lives in Maine. 

“A fresh addition to the library of fiction about tortured literati.”  The New York Times Book Review. “The novel gathers complexity and momentum as the voices of multiple narrators speed toward a cluster of climaxes, each one complicating the last.” — Vogue

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